Website Design

Click an image below to view a website I've built, or go to my Portfolio for more examples.

Unlike most web designers, I don’t simply gather and arrange text, photos, and visual content provided by my clients. With my background in photography, videography, and graphic design, I’m able to actually create all this content myself, giving all my websites a smooth, unified look and feel. 



It depends. Factors like site size, how many words and images are needed, and domain registration and setup all affect the price. The sites I build generally fall into one of three categories:

BASIC WEBSITE $650 - $1500

With 1 - 4 pages of high quality web content, this option is perfect for small businesses wanting to get on the web in a basic way. 

MEDIUM WEBSITE $1500 - $8500

Featuring 4 - 7 pages of high quality content, this option is perfect for medium sized businesses looking for a functional, beautiful web presence and powerful marketing tool. This package includes at least 10 professional grade photos, and towards the higher end, a deftly produced video to strongly connect with clients.


Encompassing sites with 8 or more pages of stunning visuals and information, this option is great for large businesses and important organizations looking for a solid, impressive web presence.  The package includes full usage rights for at least 15 excellent images and a highly impactful detailed video tour embedded right into the site.