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My Resume
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Capturing great footage is only the first step to a great video. The cutting, transitions, titles and after-effects come next, and these are what determine if the viewer clicks away or watches to the end. That’s where I come in.

I’ve been editing digital video professionally since 2006, and have collaborated with Home Depot, Ford Canada, Canadian Tire, and many other to create the kind of high quality video content that keeps people glued to the screen. I can do the same for you.


How much do you charge to edit video?

Most video editors charge an hourly fee. I feel I can offer my clients a better deal by negotiating a fixed amount for each project. Cost for video editing varies greatly depending on the nature of the project, so contact me to learn more.


“In film, a shot presents us with an idea, or a sequence of ideas, and the cut is a ‘blink’ that separates and punctuates those ideas. At the moment you decide to cut, what you are saying is, in effect, ‘I am going to bring this idea to an end and start something new.’ If the cut is well-placed . . . The more thorough the effect of punctuation will be.”

-Walter Murch, Academy Award winning film editor